Bored during the holiday? You have no idea!

So I’ve been bored during the last….ummm…..THREE WEEKS!

It just starts off with waking up, moving which requires soo much energy.

then say eat, then watch TV, then sit, get shouted out, act like a fat starfish just laying around and well it’s actually more like a cycle.



I literally have nothing to do, I sometimes wake up thinking , “you know what, today could be a good day, a productive day” then I burst out into a song, I’ve always wanted something like that. a dance could do, if I could dance.


I started devoting my time to staring at things…yes staring.

i look out of thr window, and it’s like that is the time, where every decides not to come out. No cars, no people, not even a leaf falling. Nothing 😦



I just hear the constant tapping on the iPad, but if I turn it off, it’s just weird .





Percy Jackson and the sea of Monsters

hey guys, so im a massive Percy Jackson fan, I’ve read all the books, graphic novels, i even watched the first film say around 5 times.

just wanted to talk about it, its a movie where Percy Jackson, a half-blood, son of Poseidon sets off on an adventure with his two mates ( companions ??) Annabeth, daughter of Athena : goddess of wisdom. also grover who is just a satyr, half man, half goat.


basically their shield or wall around their camp has the power to protect them from monsters, and well the tree , thailas tree, a girl who got turned into a tree ( long story) basically protects them, and its been poisoned.

so the only way to get that defensive wall back up again, is to find the golden fleece, which has the same power, but much stronger.

thus, the adventure begins 🙂

so, the movie kind of includes a bit for everyone.

romance, comedy, fantasy, drama, action, adventure, family 😀



if you guys have any questions or comments, please comment below, really would help me












Fluent in Fun :)

Hellooooooooo……..What’s up guys?

just recently started a blog, because I was in that fantastic mood where you think today’s going to be a great day WOOHOO!


well that feelings kinda gone now, but I’m not gonna be down in the dumps, NO!

im more head in the clouds, free , open, and those words are exactly like how this blog